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Cash for junk Cars in surrey,604-375-9444

We are taking advantage of the prices of scrap metal and we are offered good money for old scrap vehicles in and around the Vancouver area.we can offer cash money for your junk car truck or van we come to you and tow that old vehicle away plus we give cash up front. So you get cash plus that car is recycled in the best way no sell it to some fly by night people that can and do bad things like selling the junk car to people without telling them about the problems with that cars or driving around with no insures. We at scrap car recycling Vancouver .com buy scrap cars and take them to the right auto wrecks for selling parts or it is too far gone it will go to the auto recycling plant to get crushed.


So if you have an old junk vehicle in Vancouver and need it removed, we can help just call us at 604-375-9444 and we will make you an offer for your junk car truck or van if you like the offer. We will send our tow trucks out to get your vehicle and pay cash on the spot. No hidden fee.what we say is what you get. All we need is the title for the vehicle and the keys would be nice but if you don’t have them we can work around it or for that matter we are willing to work around you and your life thanks for looking we at scrap car recycling Vancouver hopes to hear from you soon please call 604-375-9444 for more info about our car removal service in and around Vancouver b.c


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